How Furey Improves Your Accounting Operations


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Extending your A/P & A/R Team

Through years of industry experience, we've mastered the accounts payable & receivable procedures. We carefully design a process to adhere with approval workflows, three-way-matching, red flag checkpoints, and collaborative documentation specifically related to your company's needs. Once we finalize the process, we'll power the Accounts Payable & collection operations. Think of us as an extension to your internal team.

Transaction Recognition & Reconciliation

We make it easy to record all of your transactions through the use of automated accounting tools. Our tools are specifically created for US GAAP compliance & immediate reconciliations. We treat every bank, credit card, and payment-processor transaction with high attention to detail, so that your financials are always up-to-date & accurate.

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Designing Tools for Your Unique Operations

While we already have a portfolio of standard tools built around the accounting process, we understand that every company is different. We have the knowledge and skill set to create ad-hoc tools, which alleviate manual labor. We try to avoid the saying, "that's just the way we've always done it." Instead, we offer a fresh set of eyes to reinvent your procedures.