Your ally in
staying agile

Our value-driven approach is built to drive impact at every stage of growth.

Why Furey

Stay focused on
your growth

Keep your sights on the future, confident that a team of industry experts is overseeing your day-to-day operations, closely collaborating with your in-house team, and proactively anticipating your next turn.

Work with
real people

From all-star accountants to tech connoisseurs, you always have access to guidance that keeps you moving forward.

Build a strong foundation

Set your business up for success with efficient, complete, and scalable workflows that meet your evolving needs.

Plan for
what’s coming

Empower your decision-making with next-level data analysis and robust custom reporting.

Flex to fit
whatever’s next

Eliminate setbacks—no matter how fast you grow—with solutions designed to match stride with startups of any size.
Our People

Top-notch talent meets leading-edge solutions

We work hard, and smart

We complement our individual strengths with top-tier software, tools, and technology to streamline every part of our process.

We might as well be invited to your off-site

We stay on top of your day-to-day operations, working in your Slack and inbox to keep a direct line of communication from our desks to yours.

We make onboarding a breeze

Beginning with onboarding and throughout our partnership, our process is designed to be transparent, seamless, and—most importantly—stress-free.

Our Tech

The best technology
in your corner

Our focus on efficiency extends to the technology and tools we use, starting with the Terminal—our proprietary software custom-designed to mirror how we work with clients.

Powered by
the Terminal

We built the Terminal to function as a central hub for our controlled and audit-friendly processes, and as a dashboard for clients to see what work is in progress, what’s planned, and what you can expect next. With all the critical elements in one place like workpapers, account notes and more, we’re one click away from the ins and outs of your books, reports, and plans.

Elevated by
Furey Tools

Whether streamlining your financial entries or breaking down data exactly as you need it, our tools are built to power the future of your business. Our team of spreadsheet wizards doubles down on amping up your processes and building solutions that are easy to implement, execute, and replicate.

Our Values

The ethos behind our approach

Our core principles are the blueprint for how we work as a team and how we show up for our clients.

Take a deeper look at our values

People before product

We elevate our team first by giving each individual a sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Customer empathy

We may lean on tech, but we deliver something that’s distinctly human: empathy.

Build for the future

Whether we’re improving processes or launching something new, we focus on scalability.

Connect with our team to get started on your growth

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