Build a foundation
that goes the

Support building a strong operational infrastructure to launch your business.

Your focus

What you’re putting into practice

Creating a solid infrastructure

You’re tightening all the nuts and bolts, and setting up the operational foundation for your business.

  • Back office operations that keep the wheels turning
  • Financial systems and tools that will support your next phase
  • Compliant payroll systems and processes that meet your needs

Keeping your financial future in sight

As you grow, you need to know your financials are accurate and complete.

  • Know what you have
  • Know your runway
  • Know when it's time for the next round of funding

Finding the right support system

The right partner is your key to success. One that’s going to think critically and engage proactively.

  • An expert that understands the startup ecosystem
  • A reliable guide to help you plan for what’s ahead
  • A creative problem-solver to identify and implement best-in-class solutions that fit your needs

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Our focus

What we take
care of

Building the framework

We take financial infrastructure off your plate, setting up efficient processes for everything necessary at this stage: accounts payable, chart of accounts, and initial financial reports. We manage it all so you can focus on what matters most: getting to launch.

Setting the stage for growth

Whether optimizing your existing model or starting from scratch, we help you implement monthly financial reviews, including tracking key metrics and setting strong goals. Using your input, we establish models, forecasts, budgets, and more to set you up for success.

Making it easy to grow your team

We get your payroll operations on the right track, ensuring your employees—salaried, hourly, or contract—are onboarded correctly and paid on time. Plus, we keep your business compliant by staying ahead of changing state and federal regulations, as well as W2 and tax filing corrections.

Our niche

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Use cases

B2B Services

Use cases

The focus

Why it matters

A rock-solid foundation is the key to scale, helping you solve problems faster and pivot as needed.

With a proactive partner that evolves with you, it’s easy to avoid common pitfalls and reach new heights with confidence.

With transparent insight into your financials, you can make data-driven decisions like when it’s time to raise funds or add to your team. No guesswork required.

“Furey is the backbone of our financial operations and accounting right now. We're set up to scale well because of our partnership.”

Ryley Walker
Head of Finance
Levels Health

“Furey helped us to scale to $10M in revenue with one person on our finance team.”

Ian Whear
Chief Financial Officer

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Furey team. They’re not only technically skilled, but also provide great strategic direction and are always eager to get to the bottom of issues.”

Tracy Too
Controller, Finance

“The Furey team has been a trusted partner and truly an extension of our own team helping us to execute efficiently and effectively each month end.”

Meagan Rosson
Chief Financial Officer

“As the only person on our finance team, being able to outsource the accounting function and keep the department streamlined is very important. Furey has been a partner I can rely on to produce accurate and timely financials, saving me time and energy.”

David Blanke
Chief Financial Officer

“Furey's reliability, credibility, and professionalism is exactly how we work with our own clients—so the team fits right in with us!”

Alexandra Garabedian
Head of Business Operations and Finance

“Thanks to Furey, we can finally see our unit economics with near-perfect clarity!”

Trevor Houghton
Owner & Chief Executive Officer
Pass Galleries

“With Furey, I trust that our financials will be delivered correctly and on time. The team is always willing to help out—even during the busy season—by offering guidance and resolving issues quickly. They're always a quick call away!”

Chloe Drimal
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Yoni Circle