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Scaling is
a process

As SaaS startups scale, needs evolve.

Prior to launch, it’s about building the right infrastructure: getting strong systems in place and setting up processes that align with your business model.

As your revenue, payroll, and product offerings expand post-launch, priorities shift to new areas such as process automation, data centralization, and segment reporting.

As revenue models change and pivots occur, our services adjust to fit your needs. We focus on crucial processes like accounts receivable, revenue recognition, and financial reporting.

Billing, revenue
Customized COGS and payroll allocation
Company-specific segment reporting
Next-level accounts

Billing, revenue recognition, and deferred revenue management

We focus on developing tools that scale with your growing customer base and selecting the right software to efficiently manage revenue recognition.
  • For recurring retail revenue, we lean on robust applications like Stripe’s recognition tool or alternatives in the space
  • We customize tools and processes as needed to provide support specific to how your organization is structured

Customized COGS and payroll allocation

Our approach to SaaS payroll comes down to custom functionality. 
  • Breaking down product and client-facing payroll expenses to COGS to give you visibility into your labor costs
  • Improving the quality of your financial reporting across the board
  • Optimizing your cost management
  • COGS recognition for software hosting so you can better see and understand margins important to investors 

Company-specific segment reporting

Our tailored reporting process provides a clear and transparent view of your performance, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Providing breakdowns by segment, including customer, channel, product line, and more
  • Summarizing customer-level reporting for performance by individual customer
  • Creating granular views of sales and customers to decipher recognized and deferred revenue

Next-level accounts receivable

We carefully review your contract terms to ensure each agreement meets compliance standards and aligns with your specific needs, allowing us to manage all aspects of your accounts receivable.
  • Leveraging custom tools to efficiently issue sales invoices on timely basis
  • Enhancing cash flow and meeting your working capital KPIs
  • Managing collection on your preferred cadence with one source of truth

“Furey helped us to scale to $10M in revenue with one person on our finance team.”

Ian Whear
Chief Financial Officer

“Furey's reliability, credibility, and professionalism is exactly how we work with our own clients—so the team fits right in with us!”

Alexandra Garabedian
Head of Business Operations and Finance