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Be proactive with the right processes at the right times, from customizing reconciliations, to optimizing inventory management, and more.

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Scaling is
a process

As an ecommerce business grows, needs evolve.

Prior to launch, it’s about building a strong foundation: monitoring cash flow, establishing inventory, and setting up day-to-day operations.

As expansion occurs and new products, platforms, and vendors come into play—segmented reporting, custom reconciliations, and robust inventory management become critical to success.

Our ecommerce services easily modify to fit your evolving needs, optimizing the roll-forward process, as well as readjusting reporting and reconciliations as demands change. 

Revenue and
COGS recognition
Procure to pay

Revenue and
COGS recognition

Our order-to-pay reconciliation services take all your critical components into account, ensuring your transactions are accurate, recorded, and accounted for.
  • Sales order
  • Revenue recognition based on fulfillment, order level deferred revenue
  • Cash collections and reconciling funds in transit
  • Marketplace-specific reconciliations (like Faire Wholesale) as needed


Our inventory management service helps you efficiently manage your inventory roll forward process, optimize your inventory levels, and improve your overall performance. Our custom tool reconciles every piece of the purchasing cycle to reduce the risk of stock-outs, overstocking, and inventory shrinkage.  
  • Supplier deposits
  • Prepaid inventory
  • Any other relevant components
  • Goods in transit
  • Finished goods


Our tools seamlessly integrate with your sales order data to streamline and automate your wholesale invoicing process.
  • Automate wholesale invoicing
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Reconcile customer remittances to track discounts, chargebacks, and promotions


We exercise segmented reporting on leading platforms like Amazon and Shopify to simplify the complexities of omnichannel reporting. Our approach makes it easy for you to track revenue and COGS by distribution channel and get a better picture of your margins and inventory. 
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Wholesale invoicing
  • Revenue and COGS by channel, SKU or customer
  • Custom segmentation

Procure to pay management

We help implement a systemized procure to pay process that syncs with your needs for financial reporting, and sets the right foundation for your inventory demand planning efforts.

“The Furey team has been a trusted partner and truly an extension of our own team helping us to execute efficiently and effectively each month end.”

Meagan Rosson
Chief Financial Officer

“Furey is the backbone of our financial operations and accounting right now. We're set up to scale well because of our partnership.”

Ryley Walker
Head of Finance
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