Fine-tune your operations to support rapid growth

Calibrating infrastructure and strengthening controls to help you meet the demands of high growth.

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Staying flexible to meet growing demands

Basic accounting and finance isn’t cutting it as you scale, and you need a sophisticated infrastructure that expands on your foundation, supports your growth, and prevents breakdowns and bottlenecks. Flexibility is crucial as demands can shift from week to week.

Planning for the immediate future—and
what comes after

As revenue grows, you have more data than ever. Now it’s time to put it to use: knowing when and where to hire, how to allocate dollars, and where to pinch pennies. That’s where advanced reporting and accurate forecasting come in, helping you make critical calls with total confidence. 

Preparing to fundraise

With fundraising around the corner, your financials need to accurately tell your story. That means your books are clean, compliant, and comprehensive, and your forecasts and runways are up-to-date and accurate.

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Deploying technical accounting process that adapt

We leverage advanced accounting practices to support and streamline revenue reconciliation, COGS, inventory, invoicing, AR, and custom reporting, regardless of how fast your numbers are changing.

  • Presenting auditable GAAP financials 
  • Establishing clear processes for departmental approvers
  • Analyzing spend by department 
  • Revenue-launch related reporting

Reporting and analysis that looks short and long term

We implement planning and analysis that ensure your forecasts, runways, and other vital reports are clean, accurate, and complete.

  • Budget to actuals on a departmental level
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Compensation planning
  • Customer cohort analysis
  • Due diligence support

Keeping internal growth seamless and fluid

As your team expands, employee benefits, pay raises, and increased payroll activity take shape. We take the reins, guiding you through:

  • New payroll implementations
  • Incorporating benefits administration in payroll processes
  • Handling equity compensation as it continues to evolve
  • Leveling up your systems and practices where necessary 
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Use cases

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Why it matters

Accuracy is a non-negotiable when you’re seeking your next round of funding. Clean and compliant books are an absolute must.

More revenue creates more complexities, so putting the right practices in place ensures you can scale successfully without breakdowns or bottlenecks.

Success is a combination of making the right short-term decisions while keeping the future in sight. Leveraging data that helps you do both is the source of sustainable scale.

“The Furey team has been a trusted partner and truly an extension of our own team helping us to execute efficiently and effectively each month end.”

Meagan Rosson
Chief Financial Officer

“With Furey, I trust that our financials will be delivered correctly and on time. The team is always willing to help out—even during the busy season—by offering guidance and resolving issues quickly. They're always a quick call away!”

Chloe Drimal
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Yoni Circle

“Furey helped us to scale to $10M in revenue with one person on our finance team.”

Ian Whear
Chief Financial Officer

“Furey's reliability, credibility, and professionalism is exactly how we work with our own clients—so the team fits right in with us!”

Alexandra Garabedian
Head of Business Operations and Finance

“Thanks to Furey, we can finally see our unit economics with near-perfect clarity!”

Trevor Houghton
Owner & Chief Executive Officer
Pass Galleries

“Furey is the backbone of our financial operations and accounting right now. We're set up to scale well because of our partnership.”

Ryley Walker
Head of Finance
Levels Health

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Furey team. They’re not only technically skilled, but also provide great strategic direction and are always eager to get to the bottom of issues.”

Tracy Too
Controller, Finance

“As the only person on our finance team, being able to outsource the accounting function and keep the department streamlined is very important. Furey has been a partner I can rely on to produce accurate and timely financials, saving me time and energy.”

David Blanke
Chief Financial Officer