About us

The talented team that makes us who we are

We’re a diverse group of accounting aficionados, TechOps gurus, and customer-centric communicators that love what we do—and have fun while we do it.


The strategic minds that put people first

Our leadership leans on decades of experience scaling high-growth startups like HelloFresh, Amazon, DIG, and Maple to support the future-forward mentality that makes Furey, Furey. With expertise across every function, from finance and operations to people and client service, they drive our evolution without deviating from our mission.

Dennis Furey

CEO & Co-Founder

Chip Waller

Chief Operating Officer

Manoj Bhutani

Chief Customer Officer

Emily Misskelley

Head of People

The powerhouse team behind our services

CPAs and MBAs that hail from the Big Four, startup finance specialists with a track record of success, seasoned engineers, technology enthusiasts, and everything in between. Our operations team is a passionate group of problem solvers and critical thinkers always working to elevate our processes, tools, and services.

Mark Fala

Head of Accounting

Kristin O'Laughlin

Finance Manager

Cathy Kruse

Payroll Manager

Brendan Mikosz

Head of TechOps


Rockstar accountants that manage our clients’ day-to-day bookkeeping, ongoing reporting, technical accounting needs, and month-end closes.


Startup specialists that keep our clients set up for scale with efficient and complete reporting, analysis, forecasting, and more.


Payroll experts who ensure our clients are set up with the right platforms and processes, while keeping them compliant every step of the way.


Systems experts, spreadsheet wizards, and technology enthusiasts fluent in APIs, Google Apps Script, and other programming tools we leverage to supercharge processes with leading-edge tech.

Customer Success

The communication experts who keep us connected to our clients

Our Customer Success team is made up of passionate individuals with backgrounds in customer service, creative fields, and communications. They're the ones who make sure our clients are more than just satisfied. They make it their goal that every client feels supported, understood, and connected to our team.

Michael Furey

Head of Client Onboarding

Ana Zovko

Brand & Communications Lead