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Meet Angel, Senior Accounting Associate

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Welcome to Furey Stories, our series spotlighting the innovators, problem-solvers, creatives, and doers at Furey. Each quarter, we chat with a member of our team to learn about their work and what helps them thrive. 

We’re happy to introduce Angel, one of the senior accounting associates at Furey. Read on to get to know Angel in her own words. 

How long have you been at Furey and what do you do? 

Angel: I've been a senior accountant at Furey for close to a year. I work with about 7 different clients to handle their day-to-day bookkeeping, month-end close, and reporting—along with any additional requests like tax and audit. 

Internally, I co-lead the New Hire Onboarding Squad, which is a team focused on improving the Furey experience for new employees. We get new team members comfortable and set up with the resources they need to succeed at Furey. That involves setting up new hire processes and welcome materials, among other things. 

What’s your favorite part about working at Furey?

Angel: I really enjoy working with so many different kinds of people across the country. Were it not for Furey, I would not have been able to meet most of them. It’s really great that we’re all connected and get to collaborate despite living miles and miles apart!

Other than that, I really like that at Furey, growth and change is not only embraced but encouraged. We all have a chance to play an active role in improving things and finding a better way. And there’s no fear around that. This concept of “This is how we do it, no need for change” doesn’t exist here. I think that’s really cool and difficult to find in the accounting space, which can be more traditional. We can all be trailblazers here. 

What Furey core value resonates most with you and why?

Angel: I would say that People before product is probably the one that resonates with me and what really sets Furey apart. You see so many instances of accountants feeling like just another cog in the machine. Furey does a really good job making everyone feel seen so that we can feel appreciated as individuals. 

The way I always explain it to my friends is that it goes beyond perks. Don’t get me wrong—unlimited PTO, meal stipends, and company holidays are great. But it’s really about the actions and efforts the company takes to make sure we all feel valued. Because of that, I feel capable of actually developing my own skills as an accountant and an innovator.

What role does technology play in your work?

Angel: Last year, I did bi-weekly sessions with our TechOps team to learn about the formulas and tools that we build. You can be the best accountant in the room, but if you can't take full advantage of the technology at your disposal, you’ll get left behind. You have to have a good grasp on both: how accounting works and what technology to use and when. For example, what’s the best tool for the job? How does it work exactly? It’s not only about plugging numbers into an auto-generator, but making sure things are done right and errors are flagged. 

What’s something that you recently learned or are learning to do? 

Angel: I like picking up obscure hobbies. I don't know that I'm good at any of them just yet, but it’s fun to find out. Right now, I’m actually learning how to sew. As a kid, I was interested in sketching different clothing designs so it’s not entirely new for me, but I’m excited to revisit it. Also, I’m learning how to do archery which is pretty cool! 

What’s something people may now know about you? 

Angel: I’ve been doing performing arts and dance since I was really little. I'm Hawaiian, and I learned how to do hula dance early on. Not too long ago, I joined a hālau, which is a hula group basically. We had to make our own pa'us, or hula skirts, for practice. It was pretty hard but fun, and actually the first things I ever sewed by myself.  

What’s your favorite way to recharge?

Angel: I know a lot of people probably recharged by getting outside and doing things. For me, it’s being at home and watching a bunch of shows, or playing video games with my boyfriend and our friends. I’m a big anime and gaming fan—that’s me. But aside from that, I also like spending time doing the different hobbies I’ve picked up along the way.                                               

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