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Meet Khara, Accounting Manager

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Welcome to Furey Stories, our series spotlighting the innovators, problem-solvers, creatives, and doers at Furey. Each quarter, we chat with a member of our team to learn about their work and what helps them thrive. 

Next up is Khara, one of our accounting managers at Furey. Khara has been instrumental in shaping how our accounting teams operate and serving as a mentor to our growing team. Read on to get to know Khara in her own words. 

How would you describe your role at Furey? 

Khara: I started at Furey three years ago as a Senior Associate, and got promoted to Accounting Manager about a year and a half ago. I work with the Senior Associates on the month-end close, and support any operational activities or requests from our clients. And then on the flip side, internally, I work with other managers and leadership to continue building the infrastructure for Furey, and to make sure we’re in a position where we can continue to grow, scale, and meet our clients’ needs. 

How has your role changed since you joined Furey?

Khara: When I started as Senior Associate, I was more in the weeds of client work. So I worked with our TechOps team to create payroll tools, revenue tools, and establish scalable processes for our clients. In my new role as a manager, I have a great balance of advising clients and focusing on internal team operations. I’m still engaged in the day-to-day work, but also focused on resolving high-level challenges that our clients face. And I would say now, it's at the point where I'm a little less client-facing. I'm more like an advisor ensuring things run smoothly, but not on the frontlines of solving day-to-day issues. 

Moving more into the internal side of what I do (the management side), there’s a lot of strategic work in ensuring we’re scaling effectively. I’m focused on building the right team foundation to sustain growth and support our clients most effectively and efficiently. 

What was it like taking on your new role? 

Khara: Stepping into my current role has been such a fun challenge. Since I was the first person in the role, there was an element of crafting it into what it is today. 

What role does technology play in your work?

Khara: I rely on the Terminal, our proprietary software, throughout the month to manage the timing of my reviews and communicate effectively with the team about various tasks. The Terminal is so instrumental to how we manage the month-end closes for our clients. It’s a crucial part of the process, allowing us to be efficient, accurate, and scalable. 

Additionally, much of the TechOps work that I've done has usually been creating Furey Tools, which includes scripts, macros, and formulas to get us to a point where we know what the journal entry needs to be. It all starts with the right data, and then taking that a step further where we can instantly transform that data in an accurate journal entry.

What Furey core value resonates most with you and why?

Khara: The one that resonates with me the most is people before product. At Furey, there’s a big focus on keeping staff happy and driven in whichever way motivates them, whether it is having autonomy or being able to independently problem-solve. Meaning making sure everyone feels ownership of their work. Beyond that, there’s also a focus on ensuring everyone can manage their time well so they have the space to recharge and refresh. Furey very actively promotes that through different initiatives, like the 4.5-day workweek, companywide time off, and unlimited PTO. 

Another thing that I appreciate is that as part of our review process, we can offer feedback to leadership, and influence change within the company. In my experience, I’ve seen changes implemented based on feedback I’ve provided. So yeah, it feels good knowing that our voices are heard and respected. It’s what keeps me here—knowing that I’m cared for. And that makes me put my best foot forward for my team and our clients. 

How do you  recharge?

Khara: One way that I recharge is by truly unplugging, meaning no calls, no social media, no plans. There’s nothing like having a weekend to really disconnect and jump back into the week, ready to go. I also value spending time with family and friends. Maybe it’s hanging out with my family, seeing my nephew, or doing a game night with my friends. It’s usually low-key and intimate—and just fun. 

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