TechOps product update: Enhancing the month-end close

Furey Team

In our continued effort to achieve the perfect month-end close, we're pushing the boundaries of efficiency, accuracy, and scalability by building smarter workflows. This quarter, Furey TechOps unrolled new API-powered features to boost our team's efficiency and offer more customization to clients.

TechOps: Spearheading innovation

A quick refresher: TechOps is the technology powerhouse behind Furey, made up of systems experts, spreadsheet gurus, and tech enthusiasts dedicated to simplifying and enhancing financial operations. 

At the heart of TechOps’ mission are Furey Tools—sophisticated spreadsheets loaded with advanced formulas and automations for effortlessly managing complex, high-volume data. Our toolkit now includes a wide array of custom APIs that integrate seamlessly with our partner platforms like QuickBooks Online, BILL, and soon, Stripe. These APIs act as a bridge between systems, turning raw data into valuable insights. 

What’s new this quarter 

TechOps has been laser-focused on refining the month-end process for our accounting team and clients. We’re excited to introduce new features that increase efficiency, accuracy, and usability.

Revamped financial package

We've reimagined financial reporting by merging enhanced design with key insights. Our new financial package gives you immediate access to a fully formatted, customizable set of financial documents, ready for stakeholder review.

With the addition of a new input tab, you have full control over the inclusion and presentation of financial statements. That means easy access to tailored reports such as departmental P&Ls and multi-year analyses.

Fully formatted financial documents available with a click of a button

Enhanced bill payment tool

Our new payment summary tool leverages the BILL API to give you a transparent view of your payables. It also introduces a review system for direct client participation in the payment process, along with an automated email summary of weekly payments. The cherry on top: it's all customizable to suit your specific needs.

As we debut these features with BILL, we’re already planning future expansions to other platforms like Ramp. A few core features of our new tool:

  • Payment management: Modify payment details by editing line items, add comments, and ensure the accuracy and completeness of every transaction.
  • Customized financial insights: Instantly highlight essential financial metrics, including cash flow and international transactions, with a simple click.
Automated email summary of weekly payments

Next up: Stripe and AI-powered reconciliation 

The innovation doesn't stop here. TechOps has been hard at work on additional features that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for month-end reporting: 

  • Stripe Integration: Currently in development, this feature is set to automate Stripe transaction reconciliations, significantly minimizing manual effort and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • AI Reconciliation Tool: Powered by the OpenAI API, this tool is designed to automate transaction coding, further streamlining month-end tasks and improving accuracy over time. It will seamlessly integrate into our existing toolkit, ensuring data security and operational integrity.

In summary

By integrating advanced financial reporting with AI-driven reconciliation, Furey TechOps is not just streamlining processes but also creating tailored solutions that resonate with the unique needs of our clients. Stay tuned as we continue to transform financial operations with tech-enabled solutions.

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Furey Team